Presto Pizzazz Rotating Pizza Oven – Is It Worth It?

As you know, I am a huge fan of wood-fired pizza ovens. They produce the best-tasting pizza with the crispiest, perfectly cooked crust and slightly charged toppings.

But due to our busy lifestyles, it is good to have some helpful kitchen gadgets at home that make life that little bit easier, especially when you are pizza fanatic.

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That’s one of the reasons why I am checking out the Presto Pizzazz Rotating Pizza Oven to see if it is worth to have.

There have been over 2000 units sold on Amazon over the years.

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Product Overviewpresto pizzazz rotating oven

Rating: 8 out of 10
Warranty: Two years against defects
Available: on Amazon

The Presto Pizzazz rotating oven is an open countertop pizza oven. With it, you are able to cook raw but also frozen food; not only pizza but also chicken nuggets, chicken wings, jalapeno poppers, and other kinds of snack food.

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Due to the rotating baking tray as well as the top and bottom heating elements, the food gets cooked evenly.

Advantages Of The Presto Pizzazz Oven

The biggest advantage, in my opinion, is the fact that you don’t need to preheat the oven as you do with a conventional oven. The pizza gets cooked quicker as well.

That saves you firstly) lots of time and secondly) the oven uses 60% less energy than a conventional oven.presto pizzazz oven

You can cook  12″ pies (not bigger please), from homemade and frozen ones but also ‘take and bake’ pizzas. The Presto Pizzazz is great for reheating pizzas as well.  And they taste better than the microwaved ones too.

Another big plus is the fact, that you can control the bottom and top heating elements. Sometimes the bottom needs longer or vice versa. Simply turn the switch to lower, upper or dual.

How You Can Benefit From This Oven

As I mentioned before the pizzazz rotating oven is a great kitchen appliance for baking, cooking and reheating pizza, chicken wings, and other types of snack food.

It would benefit a student who wants to quickly whip up a meal; a busy family that might not have much time to cook every single weekday or a one or two-person household.

It would be also a great addition at your workplace to heat up lunch etc.

  1. Great for students, small families, busy families and great to heat up lunch at work.
  2. Healthier than a microwave.
  3. No preheating required therefore energy efficient.
  4. Doesn’t need much counter space.
  5. The pizza is ready in half the time required by a conventional oven.

Pros Versus Cons

I already touched on a few Pros. Here there are in a nutshell:

  • doesn’t need pre-heating
  • cooks  pizza faster and more energy-efficient than in a conventional oven
  • lots of control over heating elements
  • non-stick removable baking tray
  • easy to clean
  • appliance shuts off automatically if the elements overheat
  • reasonable price

Of course, no product is perfect.

Here are the Cons of the Pizzazz oven:

  • 20 min time limit – it turns automatically off after this maximum time – the food might not be cooked by then
  • no on-off switch; as soon as you plug it in, the tray starts rotating

My Verdict

I think that the Presto Pizzazz Rotating Oven is a nifty little kitchen appliance and really useful for people on the go who don’t have much time for cooking.

I’d rather use this oven than a microwave at any time. As a solution for the non-existing on-off switch button, you could buy an energy-conserving power switch to have more control over this countertop pizza oven.

If you just need to bake a couple of pizza’s or for reheating, the Presto Pizzazz Rotating Oven is definitely more time and energy-efficient than a conventional oven. And, it tastes just as good.

My Rating: 8 out of 10
Warranty: Two years against defects
Company: Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Pizza Oven
Available: Amazon

Please Check The Price On Amazon

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