Book Reviews For Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Recipes

If you have invested in a wood-fired oven, you will want a few books on how to use the oven plus some hands-on, easy to follow wood-fired pizza oven recipes.

I have found three beautiful cookbooks that not only show you how to start a fire and heating up the oven but also include mouthwatering recipes.

I don’t know about you, but I love cookbooks. I have got a huge selection of well-used guides on cooking, baking, and roasting. Even though you will find all the recipes online nowadays, it can’t compare with holding a real book in your hands and flicking through the pages.

My frequently used cookbooks are easily recognizable by the number of stains and ripped pages. 🙂 I love getting inspired by various cooking styles.

I am introducing these books to you in no particular order. Let’s get started.

The Art Of Wood-Fired Cooking the art of wood fired cooking

The authors of this book are Andrea Mugnaini and John Thess.

Andrea is a cook, teacher, and entrepreneur who has over 20 years of experience of cooking with wood-fired ovens. She was the founder of the first cooking school dedicated to wood-fired cooking. Her vision was to introduce this particular kind of cooking to America and has been hugely successful.

Her beautiful book “The Art Of Wood-Fired Cooking” not only provides detailed instructions on the ins and outs of wood-burning ovens. It also features recipes including pizza, bread, fish, poultry, meats, vegetables, pasta, and dessert.

I love the sound of ‘Focaccia with Onions and Thyme’ and ‘Tuscan Style Pot Roast with Herbs and Chianti.’

Highly recommended!

From The Wood-Fired Oven: New and Traditional Techniques for Cooking and Baking with Fire From the wood fired oven

Richard Miscovich wrote this comprehensive guide to cooking in the wood-fired oven. He explains in detail how a wood-fired oven works and how you can take maximum advantage of the oven.

Richard wants the reader to utilize the maximum heat. He has listed methods and techniques of cooking and baking in the order of the appropriate temperature window.

I find his approach excellent because you really want to use the oven as much as you can. In my experience, most people are puzzled on what to cook first, second and so on. With this book there is no more guessing on what comes first Pizza Or Roast; Roasted Vegetables or Pasta.

Besides an extensive section of bread recipes, you will find chapters like

  • Making pizza and flatbread
  • Roasting fish and meats
  • Grilling, steaming, frying
  • Baking pastry and other recipes beyond bread
  • Other ways how to use the oven’s residual heat.

“From The Wood-Fired Oven” shows easy to understand step-by-step directions. By the way, the recipes are also suitable for the conventional oven.

Overall, 352 pages packed with valuable information and great recipes. It’s like attending a full workshop on the wood-fired oven (recipes).

The Essential Wood-Fired Pizza Cookbook The essential wood-fired pizza cookbook

The author of this book is Anthony Tassinello who has been a chef at Chez Panisse in Berkeley California for the last two decades.

This beautiful cookbook features 85 recipes and besides a great pizza chapter showcases the versatility of wood-fired cooking.

Anthony covers different types of pizza doughs from basic, gluten-free to the wheat dough. Choose from Meat Pizza, Poultry and Seafood Pizza, Vegetable Pizza, Calzone and sweet pies.

Get inspired by ten different pizza sauces and plan your next pizza family night. The pictures are beautiful and make you want to start cooking straight away.

The Essential Wood-Fired Pizza Cookbook also covers the various types of wood-fired ovens, how to build a fire and explores a variety of cooking techniques.

Anthony recommends tools you will need when operating a pizza oven. But I have to say I disagree with his recommendation of a wheeled pizza cutter. In my opinion, there are better options available. You can read more about proper pizza cutters here.

Overall, this is a beautiful book with gorgeous recipes. Highly recommended!

Wrapping It Up

Three beautiful books all dedicated to cooking in a wood-fired pizza oven. I honestly can’t pick my favorite. They are not only full of mouthwatering, easy to follow recipes but also loaded with helpful tips on how to operate your very own pizza oven.

It is an art and the journey in mastering the oven is delightful. Make your wood-fired oven the hub of family gatherings and enjoy great food and great company.

I do love that these three books cover the basics of how to heat your oven, explain the different types of pizza ovens but also go beyond the usual pizza baking.

Use these books as an inspiration and create your own homemade signature dishes. Your family will love you for it.

If you own a wood-fired pizza oven or planning on buying one than these three cookbooks are must haves.

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