A Little Bit About Me

Hi there,  my name is Anke and I am the founder of woodfiredpizzaoven.org.

I am a huge fan of pizza and since years, I’ve been challenging myself constantly to make the best pizza ever.  Since I have three young children you can imagine that pizza is an all-time favorite on our dinner list.Anke - founder of woodfiredpizzaoven

What I have noticed over the years visiting various Pizza places, the best tasting Pizzas are made in a wood-fired pizza oven. There is something special about the smokey flavor that contributes to a delicious mouth watering yummy tasting end result.

I have  got a few friends who have built their own wood-fired oven and we are regular visitors when the oven is getting prepared for exciting things ahead. 🙂

How I Got Started?

When I started looking for an oven for my backyard I have found that there are so many different options available; from DIY kits to transportable, static, indoor and outdoor ovens, to name just a few.

My goal with this site is to shed some light into the “Jungle” and to help you in making a decision about what fits your needs and wants to follow your pizza baking passion.

Happy Baking and Cooking everyone!

All the best from  Anke