Weber Performer Deluxe 22 Charcoal Grill Review

Are you looking for a new ‘toy’ for your backyard or want to get the barbecue sizzling for the summer season?

Welcome to our detailed product review of the Weber Performer Deluxe 22″ Charcoal grill in which we’ll not only discuss important features but also the pros and cons of this premium charcoal grill.

If you are a regular reader of my posts, you’ll know that I am a vivid fan of wood-fired ovens or charcoal-fueled grills. A gas grill is just not on the cards even though it is so much quicker and more convenient to use.

What if I told you that there is a charcoal grill that offers the convenience of a gas bbq grill?

The ideal solution is the Weber Performer Deluxe 22″ Charcoal Grill – one of the best charcoal grills you can get nowadays.

Across the internet, wherever I looked, the Weber Performer Deluxe has received the best reviews on Amazon, YouTube, or other relevant forums.

My review will talk in more detail about the benefits of this grill and also if there are any flaws.

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A Quick Overview

Weber Performer Deluxe 22 Charcoal Grill
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to get fire started
  • Durability
  • Direct and indirect grilling
  • Customer service


The Weber Deluxe is a well designed grill that is made from high-quality materials and is build to last. Highly recommended! Get your Weber on Amazon

Weber Performer Deluxe Charcoal Grill Review

weber performer charcoal grill

Since 1952 Weber has been producing high-quality barbecue grills and the term ‘Weber’ is now a generic word for the big wide world of BBQ’s.

Just say ‘Weber, ‘ and everyone knows what you are talking about. The brand stands for quality, durability and excellent customer service.

The Weber Performer Deluxe is no exception. This grill performs to the highest standards and will be a joy for many years to come.

It features a 22″ porcelain-enameled bowl (and lid) which gives you a cooking area of 363 square feet. 

The lid has a built-in temperature gauge (shown in Fahrenheit and Celsius) which is pretty accurate.

The grill sits in a cart that you can quickly move from A to B, has a bottom shelf, a bin for charcoal (or use it as a rubbish bin) and a large painted metal bench that is perfect put plates, spices, utensils or cold beverages on it. What is a barbecue without a beer? 🙂

There is also a removable LCD cook timer plus hooks for tongs, spatula, and a fork.

But now my most favorite features, which make the Weber Performer a winner.

Well, two things are holding people back from investing in a charcoal grill. For one, it is not easy to get the coal burning and secondly, it can be quite messy to clean the ashes from the bbq.

Weber has developed two genius inventions.

  1. The Electronic Touch-N-Go gas ignition system: no more handling fire starters, paper or matches. Simply connect a 14.1 or 16.4 LPG cylinder to the system (cylinder sold separately), press the ignition button and set your coals on fire.
    Please note: turn the gas off once the charcoal is burning and before you put the meat on.
  2. The One-Touch Cleaning system: a high-capacity aluminum ash catcher sits underneath the bowl. Just remove the catcher and dispose of the ashes.

No mess, no fuss, no more waiting for the charcoal to burn!

The hinged cooking grid is stainless steel and has an interchangeable center portion.

The two charcoal baskets can be used for indirect or direct cooking.

Indirect Cooking/Grilling 

Once the charcoal is hot enough, place each basket at the end of the bowl to create an indirect grilling zone. This is perfect for slow cooking.

Direct Grilling

Place the baskets next to each other to create a direct grilling zone for fast searing on high heat.

The Weber Performer has a bottom vent as well as a vent in the lid. That way, you can easily control the heat by opening the vents or closing it slightly.

If the vents are open, more air can circulate and therefore the coal burns hotter and quicker.

What Are The Pros

  • The sturdy cart with the large metal work bench
  • Easy to assemble
  • Temperature gauge in the lid
  • High-quality materials like porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Stable and durable.
  • One-Touch cleaning system
  • One-touch electric gas ignition system
  • Fantastic warranty and customer service.

Are There Any Flaws

There are only minor flaws like that the charcoal grate is not height adjustable. It turns out that it is not a major issue for most grill enthusiasts.

The only complaints I have found are problems with missing pieces. So please check the package straight away to see if everything is there that needs to be there. Otherwise, let Weber’s customer service know straight away.

Our Verdict Of The Weber Performer Deluxe 22″ Charcoal Grill

The Weber Performer Deluxe is perfect for any grill enthusiast with it’s no mess One-Touch Ignition and On-Touch cleaning system. It combines the convenience of a gas bbq with the amazing flavor only a charcoal bbq can produce.

Weber Performer Deluxe Grill

The grill is available in three colors

Even though, the Weber Deluxe costs more than your average grill; if you grill frequently, it is worth the investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best charcoal to use?

Lump charcoal would be the best option because it burns hot and produces very little ashes.

What is the warranty?

One-Touch cleaning system: 5 years
Bowl, Lid and Center Ring: 10 years
Plastic Components: 5 years (excludes fading and discoloration)
All Remaining Parts: 2 years

Read for more details here.

Do I need a cover?

It is always a good idea to cover the grill to protect it from the elements, so ‘Yes’. The cover is sold separately. The warranty for the cover is three years.

How long will the gas cylinder last?

Most customers found that a 14.1 gas cylinder will last for 20 to 30 ignitions. On average you would leave the gas on for 10 minutes and then turn it off. You can buy it here. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

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