Essential Gifts For Pizza Makers (And Pizza Lovers)

It is this busy and exciting time of year again when people are in the search of the perfect Christmas gift for him or her. 

If your loved ones are passionate about making pizza or loves pizza, then I have some fantastic gift ideas for you; for any occasion and budget. You’ll find something starting from as little as $10 up to $400.

In my gift guide for pizza makers (and lovers) you’ll find essential items every pizza maker should have to produce a delicious tasting pie and also things that will show their love for one of the most popular dishes in the United States.

You’ll also discover a couple of quirky things with a personal touch that will make your loved one smile.

No matter how much money you want to spend, there is something to suit any budget.

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Essential Gifts For Pizza Makers (and Pizza Lovers)

The Pizza Bible

book the pizza bibleEveryone who loves and makes pizza should have this book.

It’s been written by famous Pizzaiolo Tony Gemignani, who is a 12-time World Pizza Champion. In fact, he was the first American and non-Neapolitan to ever win the title of “World Champion Pizza Maker” in 2007 in Naples/Italy!

So, if anyone knows the ins and outs of pizza making, then it is Tony Gemignani. In the Pizza Bible, he talks about nine different pizza styles of the famous Neapolitan pizza, Sicilian, Roman, and Chicago style pizza.

You will learn everything about making pizza dough and tips and tricks to take your homemade pizza to the next level. The book also includes 75 mouthwatering recipes

You can get this beautiful, well written comprehensive guide about pizza on Amazon.

To find more books about pizza making, be sure to check out my  Book Reviews For Wood-Fired Pizza Oven Recipes.

Ingredients For An Authentic Neapolitan Pizza

Since we’ve been speaking about the world’s favorite pizza styles, why not give your loved ones the ingredients to make an authentic Neapolitan pizza? (read more in my post “What is an authentic Neapolitan pizza”)

Everything you need is available on Amazon. You could put these items in a beautiful basket and wrap it in white and red checkered cotton material or gift wrap; just like the rustic tablecloths in an Italian restaurant.

This hamper with original ingredients would make a fabulous Christmas or Birthday present.

PIZZA SOCKS BOX Pepperoni 4 Pairs Cotton

pizza socks box 4 pairs How does a pizza box filled with four pairs of socks in pizza style sound for a gift? Not only is this Pizza Box Socks one of the quirkiest presents.

Now every pizza lover can show the world how much pizza she or he really loves!

These super cool-looking cotton socks are made in Europe and are of exceptionally high-quality.

Sizes are available for men and women.

Show your sense of humor and surprise your loved one with this unique gift idea.

Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven

blackstone outdoor pizza ovenFor someone who is serious about making pizza, the Black Stone Outdoor oven would be a great gift.

It is not a wood-fired pizza oven but heats up in minutes and cooks pizzas ultra fast. For my in-depth review and more details, please read more here.

At under $300, the Black Stone will make the perfect gift for the passionate pizza maker (and pizza lover!)

For more outdoor pizza ovens, please read more here.

Bosch Universal Mixer Plus

bosch universal mixer plusThe Bosch Universal Mixer Plus is one of these essential kitchen helpers you should have when you do a lot of big batches of pizza or bread dough.

Related post: The Best Stand Mixer For Bread (and Pizza) Dough

This stand mixer is so powerful that it can knead a batch of 14 pounds of whole grain bread dough. That is amazing!

You can read more about this fantastic kitchen helper in my in-depth review.

One thing is for sure, the Bosch Universal Mixer Plus with its superior quality is built to last for years to come.

A Bib Apron

bib apronEveryone who is busy in the kitchen with preparing pizza dough knows how messy it can get especially when flour is involved.

This unisex classic black and white striped bib apron is a great fit for both men and women. It has a spacious front pocket, and the neck strap is adjustable.

The ties are extra long with 40″ to fit most sizes. The apron is 33″ long and 27″ wide across the chest.

The material is 65% Polyester and 35% cotton and therefore durable and easy to clean in the washing machine.

This practical yet stylish looking apron will keep your clothes safe from those nasty spills or get flour on it while kneading the pizza dough.

This apron is affordable and a useful, practical and great looking gift at the same time.

 A Pizza Stone

cast iron pizza stone If you don’t own a pizza oven yet, then I highly recommend investing in a pizza stone.

When you use a pizza stone, it helps to cook the pizza evenly and gives it a nice chewy crust as well.

The beautiful thing about a cast iron stone/pan is that you can use it on the bbq, to fry steaks or even bake cookies or pancakes.

I absolutely love my cast iron pizza stone and use it nearly every day, not only for pizza. 🙂

You can read my post on my favorite pizza stones here and also on “How to use a Pizza Stone” to get more information.

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter With Chopping Board

Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter With Chopping BoardThe Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter is one of my favorite pizza cutters, and it is essential for every pizza lover/pizza maker.

Nothing is worse than trying to cut a pizza with a knife or pizza wheel and pushing all the delicious toppings off at the same time.

Not with this stylish 14″ long sharp rocker blade cutter! The Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. I love that it has a cover for the razor-sharp blade. So it is easy to store safely away.

Best of all, this cutter comes with a chopping board that has grooves as a guide to cut even-sized pizza slices every time. The board is reversible so you could even use it as an attractive cheese platter. Perfect!

Cutting other things like cakes, bread, and meat (besides pizza) is a breeze with this pizza cutter and board combo.

If you would like to check out other pizza cutters, please read my post here.

There you have it; another fantastic idea to put in the gift basket!

A Pizza Peel

pizza peelNumber eight is another excellent gift idea – a pizza peel. And Checkered Chef did it again; a high-quality stainless steel paddle (9.5″x13″) with a foldable handle.

The foldable handle makes it so easy to store the pizza peel away, or you could hang it up as well.

The thin stainless steel paddle slips easily under pizzas and pies. It is best to sprinkle some cornflour on the paddle to prevent the pizza from sticking to the surface. You can also use the peel for the bbq.

Would you like to look at some other pizza peels? Not a problem, click here!

The Checkered Chef Pizza Peel is my favorite because of the foldable handle, it is dishwasher safe and slides easily under pies and pizzas.

Amazing Pizza Maker Custom Plaque Tin Sign Gift

personalized plaqueThis custom made sign is such a cool gift idea you could give to any passionate pizza maker.

For the background, you can choose from twelve different colors, e.g., gray, taupe, pink, black or golden; just to name a few.

The size of the plaque is 8″ x 10″ and is printed on enamel coated metal. All signs are designed and printed in the USA.

Show your appreciation or just say “Thank you” to a special person in your life.

I do hope my gift ideas for every pizza maker (and pizza lover) have given you some inspiration. Please leave a comment below and tell me what would be your favorite present?

To finish off my post here is a fun fact: Did you know, that over 3 billion (!) pizzas are sold in the U.S. every year, and pepperoni pizza is the most popular one?

Pretty impressive, right?

All the best from

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