Review Of The Bosch Universal Mixer Plus

When making Pizza dough, the question is often is hand kneading better than using an electric mixer?

There are certainly different opinions around. The fact is that the use of a stand mixer can make your life much easier. A good quality mixer can knead large quantities of bread and pizza dough.

At the same time, there are useful for making cookie dough, meringue, cakes and with some additional attachments are great for shredding meat or making smoothies.

I am a huge fan of clever things especially kitchen appliances. They make cooking and baking less time-consuming. In my review, I will introduce you to the Bosch Universal Mixer Plus. Bosch is well known for its amazing quality products, and the Bosch Universal Pro is no exception.

Le’ts get down to the nitty-gritty.

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Review Of The Bosch Universal Mixer Plus

Bosch MUM6N10UC Universal Plus Stand Mixer, 800 watts, 6.5-Quarts with Cookie Dough Paddles

bosch universal mixer plus


Weight: 12 lbs
Motor: 800W
Accessories: cookie paddles with metal whip drive, wire whips with plastic whip drive, dough hook, dough hook extender, 2-piece pouring shield and lid
Warranty: three years for motor and transmission plus one year for attachments and other parts

The Bosch Universal Mixer is a lightweight appliance, weighing less than half than other competitors. The powerful motor with 800 Watt enables the heavy-duty dough hook to knead up to 14 lbs of whole grain bread dough. To me, that is a very impressive large amount of batter.

As I mentioned in my article ‘How to heat your wood fired pizza ovens’ you can cook several pizzas, bread, chicken, and even cookies (when the oven has cooled down) and cakes in the pizza oven. Therefore owning a Mixer that can knead large quantities of dough will help you make the most out of your outdoor pizza oven.

The heavy-duty dough hook mimics the motion of the hand like stretching, tucking, and folding the dough so the gluten can develop to get a beautiful stretchy, glossy dough.

You can make a pizza with as little as three cups of flour or up to 15 lbs of flour.

Four suction feed on the bottom holds the mixer in place. Even when the plastic bowl is filled up to capacity, it doesn’t move at all.

Adding ingredients is easy with the two-piece lid. No splattering at all!

You can choose from 4 speeds and pulse. The bowl, even though it is plastic, is easy to clean. But if you prefer a stainless steel bowl you can purchase one separately.

Pros: The Bosch Mixer is lightweight, has a powerful motor and can knead large amounts of dough with ease. The machine can mix 14 lbs of dough in 6 minutes! That is impressive! It is easy to knead smaller amounts of dough with the help of the hook extender.

The attachments are easy to clean in the dishwasher. Only the dough hook needs to go in the sink.

Cons: Some people might not like the plastic bowl and would rather have a stainless steel bowl. The good news is that you can purchase one as an extra.

How The Bosch Universal Plus Could Benefit You

The Bosch Universal Plus is fantastic for kneading small and large amounts of dough with ease. If it comes to making pizza dough, bread dough, or a large batch of cookies for the kid’s school lunches – this stand mixer won’t let you down.

Bosch is a well-known quality brand and their confidence in the product is reflected in their three-year warranty.

  1. Mix up to 14 lbs of dough in six minutes.
  2. No splattering of flour and other ingredients with the two-piece lid.
  3. Easy to clean in the dishwasher.
  4. The Bosch mixer is lightweight and easy to store away.

Would you like to compare the Bosch Mixer with it’s biggest competitor? Be sure to read my Review Of The Ankarsrum AKM 6220 Stand Mixer.

My Verdict Of The Bosch Universal Mixer Plus

The Bosch Universal Plus is a superior stand mixer.

It is fantastic for kneading pizza or bread dough but also for cookie dough or merengue.

The three-year warranty for the motor and the one-year warranty for the attachments and other parts provides a peace of mind. This quality product will last for years to come.

Please check the price and availability on Amazon.

I would love to hear your feedback in the comment section below.

Happy Cooking!

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