My Top Choices Of Heat Resistant Gloves For Cooking

Welcome to my post about my top choices of heat resistant gloves for cooking. My primary focus, of course, is the use for cooking in a wood fired oven.

As you can imagine, these heat resistant gloves are also fantastic for Baking, Grilling, using the BBQ and general handling of hot items like a cast iron skillets, pizza stones or simply changing a hot light bulb.

Before I get into more details about my five top choices of heat resistant gloves, I would like to explain a few terms you will pick up reading my review. I’d like to also talk about some general tips about how to use the gloves.

Some Useful Terms

When you are reading my review, you will come across some terms like Aramid, Kevlar, Nomex, or EN 407 certified.

Here is my short explanation for each word, so you get a better understanding of what they mean.

  • Aramid: a class of heat-resistant and strong synthetic fiber, used in aerospace, bicycle tires, as an asbestos substitute, just to name a few.
  • Nomex:  a registered trademark for flame-resistant meta-aramid material.
  • Kevlar: a registered trademark for a para-aramid synthetic fiber.
  • EN 407 certified: a few of the gloves carry this certificate. It means the gloves were tested using certain measures. If they pass the test, they will get the certificate. For the complete guide, please read here.

 Tips About How To Use the Gloves

It is vital to know, that heat resistant gloves are only to use for dry, hot items. If they get wet and you continue to use them, you will get burned.

Also, they don’t protect you from steam. So, when you cook be careful how you use them. Once the gloves are wet, hang them to dry and wait until there is no more moisture left.

I can’t stretch the importance of handling only dry item with these gloves enough. I’ve seen a lot of customer reviews on Amazon, who weren’t aware of it and got burned by the steam.

Also, stick to a minimum holding time which means the gloves are not supposed to keep the heat off for minutes on end. After 10/15 seconds you will feel the heat coming through. The lengths of the holding time  depends on the individual glove

1) Only use the gloves for dry objects/ items. Never use them when they are wet. You won’t be protected from getting burned.
2) Stick to a minimum holding time.

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My Top Choices Of Heat Resistant Gloves For Cooking

Since I got this important message out of the way, let’s have a look at my five top choices. There are listed in no particular order, by the way.

#1 Arctica Grips Grilling Gloves

ARCTICA-GRIPS-Grilling-Gloves Weight: 13.3 ounces
Color: one color (black with blue silicon strips)
Material: 100% Kevlar, Aramid
Temperature Range:-20ºF ~ 932ºF

The Arctica gloves are not only heat resistant but also cut and fire-resistant. The material is made from 100%Kevlar/Aramid. The gloves come in one size fits most and are machine washable.

I do like that they are 14 inches long so you can also protect your lower arms from whatever heat source you are dealing with.

The Arctica gloves also have a lower temperature range of -20ºF which is a neat feature as well. The silicone strips are perfect for a non-slippery grip.

Cons: because these gloves are available in one size only, they might be too big or too small for some people.

The gloves are available with a 30-day-money back guarantee and come in a pack of two.

Please Check The Price On Amazon.

#2 Grill Heat Aid Heat Resistant Gloves

grill heat aid gloves Weight: 5.6 ounces
Color: available in 8 colors
Material: Para and Aramid fibers
Temperature: ~ 932ºF, EN407 certified
Warranty: 100% money-back guarantee plus Free No-Hassle Lifetime replacement

The Grill Heat Aid gloves are thick but still lightweight and flexible to wear. They are EN 407 certified and are machine washable.

These gloves consist of two layers. The exterior layer is made from Para and Meta-aramid that insulates and protects your hands from the heat. The inner layer is a 100% cotton lining.

The silicone strips are ideal for a secure grip.

With over 2200 sold items, it is one of the bestselling gloves on Amazon. I am really impressed with the companies 100% money back and lifetime replacement guarantee. Great value for money!

Please Check The Price On Amazon.

# 3 Grill Amor Heat Resistant Gloves

Grill-Armor-Extreme-Resistant-Gloves Weight: 11.2 ounces
Color: available in 5 colors
Material: Meta and Para-Aramid
Temperature Range:~ 932ºF, EN 407 certified
Warranty: 100% lifetime money-back-guarantee

Just like the other gloves, the Grill Amor gloves are great for cooking, grilling, and baking. They are machine washable, thick but lightweight.

The five finger flex design features a silicone grip which makes it easy to grab a pizza stone or a hot dutch oven handle.

With over 1200 sold items, it is another bestseller on Amazon. A few customers weren’t happy with the size of the gloves. They are big gloves and might not be suitable for smaller hands.

I like that these gloves come with an extra long cuff to give a better all-around protection. The 100% lifetime guarantee is another plus.

Please Check The Price And Availability On Amazon.

#4 G&F Heat Resistant Gloves

Dupont-Kevlar-Resistant-Gloves-13-Inch Weight: 1lbs
Color: one color
Material: Dupont Nomex and Kevlar
Temperature Range: ~500°F

The G&F gloves feature extra long cuffs with 13 inches long that will provide excellent overall protection.

The gloves are heat resistant up to 500ºF. The silicon provides a secure grip. The gloves are machine washable.

Another great product that is available on Amazon. The only thing missing is a money back guarantee. It would add a nice touch to the overall quality of these gloves.

Please Check The Price And Availability On Amazon.

# 5 Ekogrips BBQ Grill Gloves

ekogrips silicon bbq gloves Weight: 1.1lbs
Color: Orange
Material: silicon
Temperature: ~425ºF
Warranty: lifetime warranty

The Ekogrips BBQ grill gloves are an excellent alternative to the above gloves made with Aramid fiber. They are suitable to use when they get wet or are exposed to steam which makes the use of the Ekogrips gloves more versatile.

The gloves are available in three different sizes. The color is not everyone’s taste, but at least you don’t have to look for them. 🙂

The silicone is BPA free and is comfortable to wear even though they seem a bit bulky.

Unlike the other heat resistant gloves which are fire resistant, the Ekogrips gloves are not suitable to hold in the open fire.

You can wash them in the dishwasher or the same way you would wash your hands with a drop of soap.

A few customers have complained that they still burned their hands when using these gloves even though they were holding the hot item for only a few seconds. It seems to be hit and miss because over 4000 gloves have been sold so far.

The gloves are long enough to protect your wrist and forearm and come with a lifetime warranty. Great value for money.

Please Check The Price On Amazon.

How Can Heat Resistant Gloves Help You

  • Safe handling of hot items such BBQ, cooking pans, cast iron skillets and more.
  • Gloves with long cuffs also protect your wrist and forearms when flipping meat on the BBQ or using a pizza peel to get the pizza in and out of the wood-fired oven.
  • Five finger flex design and silicone grip help with the safe handling of hot handles compared to oven mitts.

Be cautious with

  • steam and wet gloves as mentioned at the beginning of the article.
  • only hold hot items for short amounts of time.

In Conclusion

Heat resistant gloves are fantastic to help with cooking in a wood-fired oven, baking, general cooking, and BBQing.

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I do hope this post has helped you to find the best gloves for your wants and needs.

Please leave any questions or feedback in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you!

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