The Best Outdoor Gas Grills For Your Backyard

Gathering around a backyard barbecue brings family and friends together to closer relationships and unforgettable experiences.

This simple, popular, and enjoyable experience can become a valuable one when you have one of the best outdoor gas grills in your backyard to help you do the cooking job.

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In this review, we give you our choices of the best outdoor gas grills for you to choose from the next time you are in the market to shop for one.

We have chosen from four-burner, three-burner, and two-burner gas grills as well as our top choice of a portable gas grill.

Not to forget, our recommended flat-top gas grill from Blackstone. Please also read our comprehensive review of the Blackstone Outdoor Pizza Oven which also runs on gas.

At the end of this review, we have put a buying guide together so you can decide on your own criteria in choosing the best outdoor gas grill for your home.

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The Best Outdoor Gas Grills  For Your Backyard

Char-Broil 463377319 4-Burner Gas Grill – Best Four Burner

charcoal gas grill Let’s get started with some technical details first: This 4-burner gas grill from Char-Broil is designed with 36000 BTU rating for a  425 sq inch of grill area (that is approximately 20 burgers per batch of cooking).

Each of the four stainless steel burners can be adjusted to your desired heat requirement.

Also, this grill is designed with a 150 sq inch warming rack, which comes in handy when you need it for food that requires indirect heating.

This grill comes with a lidded side burner with 10000 BTU rating so you can cook your soup on the side and make all the cooking an all backyard activity.

If not in use, the side burner can serve as a preparation area together with the side shelf on the other side. All you need to do is just close the lid and your side burner will be protected.

You will like to hear that the side shelves are all stainless steel and therefore durable and easy to clean.

The grill grates are made of cast iron making the grill more capable to retain heat.

The temperature can be easily monitored with the temperature gauge on the lid. The lid also comes in handy for that meat that needs extra searing. This grill can cook up to 650 degrees F.

Starting Char-Broil gas grill is made easy with just a push start of its electronic ignition.

A rotisserie can be attached to it if desired.

It is great to know that the cleaning of this grill is easy with its removable porcelain-coated grease pan that can be accessed with ease.

The Char-Broil gas grill measures 50.4×24.5×45 inches and weighs 93 pounds. It stands on 2 7-inch wheels and 2 fixed feet giving it the needed stability.

It requires a standard 20 lb propane gas to operate.

The Pros

This Char-Broil 4-Burner Grill is high performing with its outstanding BTU rating, capable of heating up the spacious grill area that comes with it. It is designed with a warming rack, a practical side burner and preparation shelves.

The grill area is cast iron that is well-known for retaining heat for consistent cooking.

The Cons

The iron grill grate may rust if exposed to moisture.


If you are looking for a grill that can reach the optimal temperature for food that requires heavy searing, has a side burner for non-grill recipes, with a preparation area and a warming rack, then this 4-burner gas grill from Char-Broil is your go-to grill.

The grill offers great value for money for all the features it comes with it

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Weber 46110001 Spirit E-210 LP Gas Grill – Best 2-Burner Gas Grill

weber gas grill

Readers of my website will know that we do like most products that Weber produces, and this two-burner gas grill is no exception.

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This Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill is made with stainless steel burner and a total of 450 square inch grill grates. Please note that 90 square inches of it serve as a warming rack.

The grill grates are porcelain-enameled cast iron, designed not to rust. The BTU rating is 26500.

For meat that requires heavy searing, this grill comes with a porcelain-enameled lid and cook box.

The temperature can go up to around 600 degrees F and can be easily viewed on the lid-mounted temperature gauge.

This grill is even compatible with a rotisserie attachment.

Starting the Weber grill is very easy with just a push of its electronic ignition.

There is also enough space for preparation with the foldable shelves on both sides.

The cabinet below the cook box where the propane gas is stored can also serve as the storage of your other grill tools.

What’s unique about this grill is the built-in fuel gauge that makes you see how much gas you have remaining on your tank. This way, you will never run out of gas without any back-up.

The grease pan is also removable for easy cleaning. It also has 6 hooks for your grill tools and is iGrill 3 compatible bringing your grill monitoring to your phone.

This grill sits on durable caster wheels that can be locked to stay stationary.

All up, the grill measures 32x50x63 inches and weighs 114 pounds. A standard 20 lb propane gas is needed for this grill.

The Pros

The Weber Spirit E-210 Gas Grill is a high-performance grill in terms of its BTU rating. It is easy to start, has a spacious grill and preparation area with a warming rack and is very capable of heavy searing.

A rotisserie can be attached when needed and the fuel gauge is very useful. The material built is fairly sturdy and is made to last.

The Cons

This grill is relatively costly compared to other brands.


The Weber Spirit E-210 is your choice if you are looking for a 2-burner grill that performs well, is easy to use and clean, and is made of sturdy materials that are built to last.

This is also your go-to grill if you cannot afford to take chances on your grill’s fuel level.

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Weber 45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Gas Grill – Best 3-Burner Gas Grill

weber spirit gas grill

So, let’s get the technical details out of the way.

The Weber Spirit II E-310 3-Burner is built with a total of 529 square inches of cooking space. 104 square inches of it is the warming rack.

It is powered by 3 stainless steel burners with a 30000 BTU rating. The grates are made from porcelain-enameled cast iron, which provides great heat retention properties for the keen grill enthusiast.

There is also a porcelain-enameled Flavorizer Bars to give what you are cooking the needed smokey flavor on it.

What Are Flavorizer Bars?

Every Weber Spirit, Summit, and Genesis gas grill uses them. “… they help add that “cooked on a grill” flavor to your food.  Drippings, marinades and juices from food being cooked fall down onto the hot Flavorizer Bars, and are vaporized and circulate back up to the food and add that great, extra flavor.” [source: Weber website]

The ignition of this grill is dubbed to last for years and will not fail you.

This grill comes with an easily manageable grease system and is designed with a removable and disposable drip tray.

This grill uses 20 lb propane gas and comes with a fuel gauge so you can always have the fuel level in check.

There is a foldable preparation area on both sides and the design below the cook box is an open cabinet for storage of your grill tools. There are 6 hooks as well where you can hang your cooking tools.

There are 4 lid color options to choose from to suit your style.

This grill from Weber is iGrill3 compatible where you can bring your grill monitoring to your phone. It has to be purchased separately.

It is also rotisserie compatible. It measures 52x26x57 inches and weighs 103 pounds.

The grill sits on 2-wheels on one side and 2 stationary stands on the other side.

The Pros

The Weber Spirit II E-310 3-burner is a high-performance grill designed with a cooking area that can serve a big group of people.

It is made of sturdy materials making the grill a durable cooking machine.

It does not only have a spacious cooking area but it has a generous sized preparation and storage area as well. The ignition is reliable and the grease management system makes cleaning easier.

The Cons

This Weber 3-burner grill is relatively pricey.


The Weber Spirit three-burner gas grill is our recommended grill for people who are especially looking for a high-performance 3 -burner grill that allows cooking for a large group of people.

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Weber 50060001 Q1000 Gas Grill – Best Portable Outdoor Gas Grill

weber portable gas grill

The Weber Q1000 Gas Grill is a 1-burner grill that is compact enough to be your companion even when you are out and about.

It is made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron grate and cast aluminum lid and body.

The burner is made of stainless steel and has a rating of 8500 BTU to heat 189 square inches of cooking area. The lid height is 5.75 inches spacious enough for thicker meat cuts.

This grill can be small in size but delivers in performance and has a reliable ignition. It’s heating capability can go up to 550 degrees F.

It is also designed with a removable catch pan for easy cleaning. It makes use of 14.1 or 16.4 oz LP cylinder but comes with an accessory to hook it up with 20 lb propane gas when using it in your own backyard.

It is compact and relatively light with a weight of  27 pounds.

The Pros

This Weber Q1000 outdoor gas grill is a great outdoor companion especially if you need grilling on the go. It delivers the needed heat for grilling, reliable and it is easy to use and clean.

The Cons

This grill’s capacity is relatively smaller. Also, before each use, you’ll need to preheat it for at least 10 minutes.


The Weber Q1000 outdoor gas grill is your ideal portable gas grill when you go camping, tailgating, or a picnic in the park.

It’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to take wherever you may go.

It could also be your regular backyard grill if you are a small household or when you live in an apartment with a balcony.

This highly rated grill surely delivers even in small spaces.

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Blackstone 28 Inch Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill – Best Flat Top Outdoor Gas Grill

blackstone outdoor grillThis Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill is designed with 470 square inch griddle cooking surface powered by 2 stainless steel burners that can independently be controlled and with a 30000 BTU rating.

The ignition is battery powered and is designed to deliver.

This grill has enough room for preparation and storage with 2 side shelves and bottom shelves.

The frame of this grill is made of powder-coated black steel while the cooktop griddle is made of thick cold rolled steel.

This Blackstone grill sits on 2 wheels and 2 stationary feet that fold.

The griddle is also removable. It is fairly easy to transport this grill and can accompany your family and friend to a trip to the park or similar places for a picnic or camping.

It uses standard 20-pound Propane gas to operate and is proudly designed and engineered in the USA.

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It measures 44.5 x 19.5 x 33.5 inches and weighs 75 pounds.

The Pros

This flat-top grill from Blackstone is said to be more flexible and can accommodate more grill recipes.

It cooks more flavorful food because of its flat-top design. In the past, there were some complaints about the grease management system. But the newer version seems to have solved the problem with installing a rear grease trap.

The cooking, preparation and storage areas are spacious enough for big household gatherings.

The Cons

Even though the grill is foldable, it can be still a chore to transport this grill. You may be better off getting a gas grill that is designed to be easily transported.

You can find some options here.


If you are tired of the typical grill machines, then the Blackstone flat top gas grill can offer something new.

It is affordable and more flexible in what kind of food you can cook. It is ideal for cooking recipes that cannot be done on a grill grate style surface.

Because of the adjustable heat zones, you can cook for smaller groups or cater for a large gathering.

Please Check The Price On Amazon

Buying Guide For The Best Outdoor Gas Grills

If you would like to understand more about your grill features before choosing an outdoor gas grill, we got you covered in this buying guide.

Grill Size and BTU

Grill size refers to the measurement of your grill’s cooking area. In practical terms, you can divide the measurement with the standard burger patty size so you will know how many burgers you can cook per batch on it.

Grill professionals write that BTU rating should be directly proportional with the grill size. However, it does not always determine the grill’s performance as they say. Other factors may matter more.


Most grill professionals mentioned that burners are the most replaced part of a grill and having your grill backed with a warranty is as important as having a sturdy burner.

The number of burners may also determine the size of your grill. If you want a large cooking area, several burners that can be independently controlled can give you more flexibility in cooking.

This will give you more temperature zones and the ability to cook each food at the right temperature.

Temperature Settings and Control

If you are concerned about the temperature that your grill can achieve when cooking, you may want to check the maximum temperature that your grill can reach.

Although claims have been made that Char-Broil and Weber can reach the temperature of 650 degree F, safety reasons dictate that a temperature of around 550 degree F is enough to sear your most favorite steaks.

Grill grates such as cast iron or coated ones have great heat retention that can help your grill do its job with consistency at this temperature.

The best grills have controls for each burner so you have the liberty to adjust the temperature as you please.

Grill Material and Design

Our choices of the best outdoor gas grills are made of cast iron and coated ones. Both have high retention properties as already mentioned.

However coated cast irons are more durable than the uncoated ones because the former is not susceptible to rusting, unlike the latter type.

It is also worth mentioning that stainless steel grill grates are the most durable amongst the other materials used for grill grates.

Preparation and Storage Area

Orderly cooking can be made possible with enough preparation and storage area, and it goes without saying that the best outdoor gas grills come with these features. Some even have hooks for grilling utensils.

Grease Management System

Grease is part of grilling so the best outdoor gas grills have a built-in grease management system that collects grease during cooking.

A removable, easy to clean grease pan and those that do not leak characterize the grease management system of the best outdoor gas grills.


Your gas grills are useless if the ignition won’t let it start. So, make sure that the grill of your choice has reliable ignition that is easy to use.

The best ignitions are covered with a warranty (e.g. the Weber Spirit) so you are assured that it is designed not to fail. Our recommended outdoor gas grills all feature an ignition system that requires only a push of a button to start.


Most outdoor gas grills have their own body with feet. Assembly should be done with care to ensure that it is stable enough to carry all the cook box and grills weight.

Outdoor grills that sit on 2 caster wheels are common sightings. These caster wheels allow you to move your grill around your backyard with ease.

Gas Tank Size

In choosing the best outdoor gas grill for your home, be mindful to check the gas tank that is compatible with it. Make sure that you have a nearby source of a tank for both new ones and for a refill so it will not lead to any inconvenience of use.

Other Useful Features

The best outdoor gas grills offer other useful features to make your grilling experience more easy and fun.

Side burners allow you to cook soup on the side while grilling so literally you can have all your kitchen in just one grill.

Some of the best outdoor gas grills have this feature.

The fuel gauge is also a useful feature of a great outdoor gas grill. This way, you can always have your fuel in check so you will not run out of fuel without any backup.

Flavorizer bars are placed between the burner and the grill grates.

They prevent grease to fall directly to the burner reducing flare-ups.

The presence of flavorizer bars creates smoke that can add flavor to what is it you are cooking, resulting in more delicious food.

A temperature gauge is the usual feature of lidded outdoor gas grills. This gauge is mounted on the lid and makes temperature monitoring easy.

Lids, when put down, are very useful in increasing the cooking temperature on your grill making it more energy-efficient and grilling is done faster.

Warming racks come in handy for recipes that require indirect heating.

You may want to check out if your grill has this feature if you have recipes in mind that require this. Warming racks can also add more storage space for you when you are cooking so you will not be space-limited.

Some recipes may require you to install rotisserie extension. Some of the best outdoor gas grills have this feature as well.

You may be surprised to know about this but grill monitoring can be done through your phone with an app-based monitoring system that characterizes some of the best outdoor gas grills in our reviews.

Aesthetics, Dimension, And Weight

If you want your grilling experience to be done with style then design and color may matter to you. There are some outdoor gas grills with lids that come in different colors. You may want to check them out.

Dimension and weight are always provided by the manufacturer so if you are concerned about your space and if you plan to move your outdoor gas grill from time to time then you have to check out these aspects and check if your choice of an outdoor gas grill can satisfy you in this area.


Outdoor gas grills are prone to corrosion and damage so go to the products that come with a warranty so you can have all your money’s worth.

Also, it may be best to get an outdoor cover to protect your precious bbq from the elements

Wrapping It Up

There we have given you our choices for the best outdoor gas grills for you to choose from as well as the buying guide so you can make an informed decision.

Grilling outdoors is a great experience done with friends and family, so don’t let your choice of outdoor gas grill ruin it for you.

A little time spent on creating your own criteria and choosing the best outdoor gas grills to fit them can actually make a difference in making your backyard barbecue gathering a well-spent time with good food and laughter to add to your life’s precious moments that no amount of material things can replace.

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