The Best Portable Outdoor Pizza Ovens – Our Must Read Review

In this post, I am discussing two portable outdoor pizza ovens  1) the Il Fornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven and 2) the Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven “Maximus”.

I like the idea of having a portable oven in my backyard or the porch. It gives me the freedom to move it around as I like and it suits my need of being flexible. The point of having a wood-fired oven for me is not only delicious pizza and bread but also the social aspect of it. It is the center of family gatherings and celebrations. Everyone can get involved in creating a yummy meal.

Spring and Summertime are traditionally the seasons for outdoor cooking. Who doesn’t like sitting al fresco and enjoying a homemade pizza or other delicious meals?

So, let’s get straight into it.

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1. Il Fornino Professional Series Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Il Fornino Pizza oven

This pizza oven is a beauty, made from high-grade stainless steel construction. The thicker gauge with 304 stainless steel means it heats up fast and retains the heat for a long period. The manufacturer says that this oven will be ready to cook in 22 minutes! That is quick.

The double-wall of stainless steel is insulated by two ceramic blankets plus a third layer of ceramic insulation for optimum heat retention. That’s why it can keep this oven five times more insulated than a traditional pizza oven, according to Il Fornino.

The cart and the oven come in assembled when being shipped. The oven just sits on the base and weighs around 150 pounds. The shipping weight is 400 lbs.

The oven also comes with a stainless steel door with a built-in thermometer. Since you will heat up the oven mainly without using the door, I would still recommend getting a Thermometer Gun to measure the temperature of the cooking surface.

The cooking surface is big enough to cook three large or six small pizzas. Yes, feed the crowd! 🙂

The surface is made from firebricks in Buffalo, NY and the oven itself is assembled in Elmsford, NY.

The Il Fornino Pizza Oven heats up to 1000 F. And, you will get an impressive set of useful accessories with it: a pizza peel, pizza oven brush, a scraper, and a heavy-duty cover.

For more helpful tools you will need, check out this article.

With a price tag of under $1600, this is a great Pizza Oven to own. It ticks all the boxes.

  • It heats up quickly (under 0.5 hours).
  • It retains the heat due to the triple layer of insulation.
  • The oven is portable.
  • It has a large cooking surface.
  • It’s made locally.
  • It has a quality high-grade stainless steel construction.
  • You will get some useful accessories included in the price.

Get your Il Fornino Pizza Oven on Amazon.

Would you like to have a closer look? Here is a very informative video I have found on YouTube.

2. The Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven “Maximus”

Maximus Pizza Oven

This beautiful pizza oven Maximus comes from Portugal and initially doesn’t have a stand. But if you want to, you can buy a steel stand for $250.

The Maximus has a construction of aluminum as an outer layer and stainless steel as an inner layer. In between these two layers, there is an insulating ceramic blanket. The oven features a stainless steel door as well.

I like that the thermometer is built into the wall of the oven. Therefore it will give you an accurate measurement of the inside temperature, which can reach up to 900F.

Unlike the Il Fornino, the Maximus doesn’t retain the heat overnight.

This pizza oven is lightweight at 150lbs. When you remove the floor tiles, the weight of the oven is only 120 pounds.

You can easily put the oven into your car or truck and take it to friends or camping.

When purchasing the Maximus, you will also get a pizza peel, a terracotta cooking pan, and a metal divider to keep the embers away from the food.

So, to sum it all up. If you are looking for a pizza oven that is

  • lightweight,
  • easy to use,
  • easy to move around,
  •  heats up in 0.5 hours,
  •  available in red or black,

then the Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven “Maximus” is the right choice for you.

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My Verdict

The Il Fornino Pizza Oven and the Maximus are both great choices and provide awesome value for money. They heat up quickly and are easy to use.

Which one would you choose? The one, that retains the heat for a long period of time or the one that you can take with you, either to friends and family or even camping?

I would love to know. Please leave a comment in the box below.

Happy Cooking!

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