The Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven Tools

 Having a wood-fired pizza oven is one thing but having the right tools is a different story. Without the right tools, it will be tricky to operate your oven safely and with ease. Remember, we are dealing with heat in the pizza oven of around 800 Fahrenheit (400 Celcius). That is scorching!

In my post, I have compiled all the tools you should ideally have in addition to your pizza oven. There are inexpensive and most of them can also be used for other things.

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Our Recommended Tools

#1 – Heat Resistant Gloves

The first thing that comes to mind is heat resistant gloves. You don’t want to get burned while cleaning the oven, putting the pizza or other dishes in the hot oven.

Your best bet will be some heat-resistant gloves. There are not only great for the pizza oven but also for operating the BBQ.

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Amazon has got different gloves on offer. One of the best I have found and also a Bestseller on Amazon are the Grill Armor Heat Resistant Oven Gloves for under $30.

grill armor glovesThese gloves are heat resistant up to 932 F! They are thick but also lightweight. What I like about them is that they are flexible, have a silicone grip and are machine washable. The gloves go up far enough to cover your wrist and protect them from burning.

The product also comes with a money-back guarantee.


#2 – Thermometer Temperature Gun

Not every pizza oven comes with a built-in thermometer. But it is important to know when the oven has reached the desired temperature to cook a pizza in there.

The Etekcity Lasergrip 1080Temperature Gun ticks all the boxes: it measures temperatures between minus 50 F up to 1022 F (from -50 Celcius up to 550 Celcius).

You can choose between Fahrenheit or Celcius. The temperature gun comes with a 9 Volt Battery and a 2-year- warranty. At a small price tag of under $40, it is a robust and accurate product.

For a more in-depth review and more choices of temperature guns, please read here.

#3 – Pizza Oven Rake

To move the burning wood and embers inside the oven and eventually to clean the ashes out, an Ash Hoe and Rake is a must have.

I have found the ideal tool that gets the job done. It is available on Amazon, and it’s called Ash Hoe and Rake, Stainless Steel, 34″ .

This tool is made in the USA from 100% rust-resistant stainless steel and an 8″ Maple Handle. It is perfect for smoothing out embers and scraping out ashes.

The 34″ /86cm long handle is ideal for safe and easy use. What I also love is the fact that 15% of the sales are getting donated to children’s charities. That is fantastic!

#4 Pizza Oven Brush

Crestware-40-Inch-Pizza-Oven-Brush The Crestware 40″ Pizza Oven Brush is made for commercial use, so it should be perfect for you, the home chef as well.

It is an awesome tool to clean your oven from ashes before you put the first pizza in.

The bristles are made from wires, and overall this brush is a solid construction with a good-sized handle.

#5  – Pizza Peel

american metal craft pizza peelYeah, the wait is over, the temperature is right, and the oven is clean. Time to put your first pizza in. And of course, to do so, you need a Pizza Peel.

The American Metalcraft Pizza Peel is made from Aluminium and with 2.2 pounds it is lightweight but sturdy.

The length is 37″ and the width is 14″, that makes for a good sized pizza.

I have reviewed a few more pizza peels. For more in-depth review, please read my post here.


Most of these useful tools I also mentioned in my post How to heat your wood-fired pizza oven. There are inexpensive and will be operating your pizza oven so much easier.

Here there again at a glance:

  • heat resistant gloves
  • a temperature gun
  • ash hoe and rake
  • a pizza brush
  • and, last but not least, a pizza peel.

If you have any questions or feedback, please leave them in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.

Happy Cooking Everyone!

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