Pit Boss Ceramic Grill – Flaming Goodness For Your Backyard

The Summer season and therefore barbecue time is well and truly upon us. Our Pit Boss ceramic grill review will show you how this versatile Kamado style grill will be a fantastic addition for your backyard and a great new ‘toy’ for any pitmaster.

Imagine having a grill that does it all, baking, grilling,  searing, and smoking. Kamado cookers, including the Pit Boss Ceramic grill, are not only stylish with a relatively small footprint due to their unique design. There are also very efficient in burning coal and heat retention.

The thick ceramic layer makes it possible to retain the heat for many hours with only a little bit of lump charcoal fuel.

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Our review of the Pit Boss Ceramic Grill not only covers all the important features like the dual stainless steel tier, the cast iron top vent, and temperature gauge.

We also talk about the pros and cons of this versatile grill that can even produce mouthwatering wood-fired pizza or smoke a juicy beef brisket.

The choices are yours, whether you prefer the smaller 22″ or 24″ Pit Boss Kamado style grill.

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Quick Overview And Review Of The Pit Boss Ceramic Grill

Pit Boss Ceramic Grill 22"
  • Easy To Clean
  • Ease Of Use
  • Versatility
  • Heat Retention
  • Overall Quality


The Pit Boss Cearmic Grill 22″ is a great Kamado style grill for anyone who wants to get started with this unique style of cooking meat to perfection. It is more affordable than other Kamado grills like the Big Green Egg or the Kamado Joe. Highly recommended! Get The Pit Boss Ceramic Grill on Amazon

Pit Boss Ceramic 22″ Grill Review

pit boss ceramic grill The Pit Boss Kamado features a heavy ceramic body which is fantastic to retain the heat for a long period of time.

The top vent is made from cast iron and the bottom vent is stainless steel. These two vents are essential for controlling the temperature by providing a steady flow of hot air that radiates around the meat inside the ceramic body.

A Kamado style grill basically works like a convection oven. The lid stays closed most of the time, even when you are grilling or searing your meat or char the vegetables.

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The dual-tiered stainless steel cooking grate provides an impressive space for grilling your burgers, mouthwatering ribs, and steaks. All up, the Pit Boss grill offers a generous 567 sq inches of cooking surface

The fireproof felt edge and shock absorber are great to guide and protect the heavy lid. The hinges are of high-quality and help to keep the lid into place when opened up.

We do love the stand which is made from a heavy-duty powder coated steel frame. It makes it a breeze to move this heavy grill (around 178 lbs) around with ease. The locking casters ensure that the Pit Boss grill keeps its position wherever you want it to be.

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Another plus of this high-quality grill and smoker are the two bamboo shelves on both sides where you can place your essentials to make your cooking an even bigger success.

It helps you to keep herbs and spices, utensils, or your well-deserved beer in a handy place. For easy storage, you can fold the shelves down and save some space.

The temperature gauge in the lid makes sure that you always know how hot the inside is. Keeping the exact temperature is so important when you are slow cooking your meat or smoking it.

To get the temperature right just tinker around a bit. Mastering to cook in a kamado cooker is a bit of a learning curve.

When it comes to removing the ashes, the Pit Boss doesn’t offer a removable ash pan. BUT, it is quite easy to remove the ashes through the bottom vent. Pit Boss offers a complimentary ash removable tool with each purchase.

To be honest, there shouldn’t be many ashes to remove when you are using lump charcoal. Kamado cookers are known for burning coal efficiently. There should be actually enough coal left for the next use.

The Pros And Cons Of The Pit Boss Ceramic Grill At A Glance


  • a two-tiered cooking grate that offers a generous 567 sq inches of grill space
  • a cast iron top damper
  • two foldable bamboo shelves
  • includes an ash removal tool
  • a solid stand with lockable casters


  • no removable ash pan
  • doesn’t come with many accessories

Our Verdict

The Pit Boss Ceramic grill is a solid, high-quality Kamado style cooker that is great for beginners as well as advanced pitmasters.

It is a fantastic grill for slow cooking, smoking, searing, grilling, and even making wood-fired pizza.

Since it is a Kamado style grill it will be a bit of a learning curve for newbies. Unlike a Weber grill or other open grills, this cooker operates with the lid closed.

We do like that the Pit Boss grill is a little bit cheaper than the BGE or Kamado Joe Classic II but still has great features like the stand, an easy to read temperature gauge, and foldable bamboo shelves.

You can order your new addition for your backyard from Amazon or shop around for deals.

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