The Most Useful Accessories For Kamado Grills

As I mentioned in our guide to finding the best Kamado style grill, there are some accessories that you might need when buying a Kamado grill.

I touched briefly on this subject before, but in this post, I want to get into more detail.

I will point out the best ones to get and for the best price. has the most competitive prices and various options, so most of my links will send you off to your local Amazon store.

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Accessories For A Kamado Grill

A (Rain) Cover

char griller raincoverAs you can see, I put the word rain in brackets simply because most people are thinking of rain and snow that could damage your precious Kamado grill.

Most people forget that also too much sun exposure can damage our outdoor equipment.

In general, I think it is imperative to get a cover for any bbq or outdoor oven especially when you leave it outside all year round.

A cover is usually reasonably priced with a price tag at around $50 or less depending on the quality of the material.

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You’ll find covers designed for a particular Kamado style grill (as the one on the picture – it fits the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado grill) or one cover that will fit most sizes.

A Grill Splatter Mat

grill matIf you are anything like my family and me, you’ll need a grill splatter mat to protect your precious wooden deck from any stains, ambers or any spills.

We were lucky once that our porch didn’t catch fire from some embers falling out while we were attempting to clean the grill. 🙂

A grill splatter mat doesn’t only look stylish but will keep your outdoor area neat and tidy.

When checking out the different ones, please be sure to get one that is suitable for a charcoal grill.

My favorite choice is the DiversiTech The Ultra Grill Mat (as seen in the image) which is proudly made in the USA and backed up by a 10-year warranty.

A Quality Wire Brush

grill cleaning brushA quality wire brush will make all the difference when you have to clean the cast iron grate on your Kamado grill. The Alpha Grillers 18″ Grill Brush is suitable for all types of grates – stainless steel, porcelain or cast iron.

Best of all this brush comes with a one-year 100% Money Back Guarantee warranty.

Unlike other wire brushes, the Alpha Griller Brush features an 18″ long handle, unlike other brushes that are only 10″ long.

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This brush is suitable for all grills; Kamado style grills, smokers, rotisseries, gas, or charcoal grill.

An Electric Charcoal Fire Starter

electric starter
Do you struggle to set the charcoal on fire without using any funny smelling liquid to help, waiting for minutes on end until the grill is hot enough?

The solution is an electric fire starter that will get the charcoal lit in no time.

The one with the best reviews and a two-year warranty is the Looftlighter 70018 Fire Lighting Tool which is available on Amazon.

The cord is around 9 feet long, and the tool runs on 110 Volt.

Another great option is the Kamado Joe KJ-ES Electric Starter as seen on the image. 

Get your grill going in only a few minutes without the nasty smell of regular fire starters.

Heat Deflector/Pizza Stone

heat deflectorOne of the biggest advantages of a Kamado grill is the versatility it offers. They are fantastic to produce a yummy and delicious pie in minutes.

A heat deflector can do two things. You can either use it to convert the grill into an outdoor convection oven and/or use the heat deflector as a pizza stone.

I recommend the Onlyfire Pizza Stone Heat Deflector which is suitable for most ceramic grills like the Big Green Egg and the Char-Griller Akorn Kamado.

The pizza stone is made from cordierite material, is 3/4″ thick and 17.5″ round. For more options,  please be sure to read my post on the best pizza stones.

Heat Resistant Gloves

heat resistant glovesI have written an in-depth review of heat resistant gloves when using a wood-fired pizza oven.

Most users of Kamado grills are happy with heavy duty welding gloves. It all comes down to your personal choice, preference, and budget.

There are many options for any budget available on Amazon.

Just make sure, you order the right size, not too big or too small, and that the gloves fit your hands comfortably.

Summing It Up

Most of the accessories for Kamado grills are affordable with a price range of $50 or less. These accessories will make all the difference in enjoying your grill even more.

Get the fire going in minutes with the electric fire starter, protect your valuable outdoor equipment with a cover, and keep stains, embers, and spills of your wooden porch with a grill mat.

The heat-resistant gloves are great to save you from getting burned, and the heat deflector stone converts your grill into a convection oven and a pizza oven.

Find more pizza ovens in my review here.

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