Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven Handmade In Portugal – My Review

In this review, I will be talking about a beautiful Brick Outdoor Pizza Oven, handmade in Portugal with love and care.

Please read on … I am sure, you will love it. brick pizza oven

This beautiful Pizza Oven is a traditional and fully insulated wood-fired pizza oven. It is made of terracotta clay. Like the portable ovens I have reviewed in my last post, this one is also available for under $2000.

So, if you have been looking for a pizza oven that would fit great into your backyard or on your porch, looks great, is wood fired and will add value to your property, this might be the one for you.

Let’s Have A Look At The Details

As mentioned before, this outdoor wood-fired oven by PRC is handmade in Portugal. The dome and floor are made from terracotta clay. You can choose from two colors: gray or terracotta.

The oven has a brick arch, and the chimney and door are stainless steel. The thermometer is integrated into the oven. Please note, it shows in Centigrade, not in Fahrenheit.

As I mentioned in previous posts, I would recommend using a handheld temperature gun for accurate measurements. Also, they have a switch button from Celsius to Fahrenheit and vice versa.

How about the dimensions? The base of the oven is 39.3″x 39.3″; the inside measures 31″x 31″. It is big enough to cook either 3 9″ or 2 12″ pizzas. Yum!

The door is 15.7″ wide and 11″ high so you can easily fit a pot inside the oven. The whole oven is about 30″ high, and the chimney measures 6″ in height.

The weight of the oven is a whopping 1200lbs. Woohoo!

Here are the most important facts in a nutshell 

outdoor brick pizza oven

  • Weight:1200 lbs
  • Color Choices: Gray and Terracotta
  • Base of the oven: 39.3″ x 39.3″
  • Inside Measure: 31″ x 31″
  • Height: 30″
  • Chimney: 6″

Why Is It So Heavy?

There are two parts to the oven. The base and the dome. The base is made from concrete and expanded clay on top to provide insulation for the floor.

The dome has a few more layers:

  1. The inner core is made from clay.
  2. A layer of expanded clay goes around it to insulate but also to reinforce the oven.
  3. Next up is a layer of rock wool.
  4. The next layer of chicken wire holds the rock wool together and helps to reinforce the cement which goes on top.
  5. The last layers are expanded clay and cork for more insulation.

How Do You Get It Into Your Backyard?

This gorgeous outdoor pizza oven will be delivered in a crate.  People couldn’t lift it; it is just too heavy. You need some equipment like an engine hoist to lift.  You would also need to have a sturdy stand prepared where you can put the oven.

But once it is there you won’t regret it.

Before you can cook your first pizza, the oven needs to be cured to eliminate any moisture. That means you will have to run a few small fires inside the oven to dry it slowly out. But the oven gets delivered with clear instructions so it shouldn’t be too difficult.

And then you are ready to go to have your first pizza party. If you need to know how to heat your pizza oven and what tools are great to have, please check out my other posts.


This pizza oven by PRC is an eye catcher and may be just the one you have been looking for.

It is

  • fantastic value for money with a price tag of under $1800
  • handmade from terracotta clay and comes in two colors, gray, and terracotta.
  • a traditional and fully insulated wood-firedd pizza oven.
  • a great feature for your house and backyard and adds value to your property.
  • There is a 1-year warranty.

I do hope this review has helped you to make a decision if this outdoor oven would be an excellent choice for you.

For more options on outdoor pizza ovens, be sure to read my post The Best Outdoor Wood Fired Pizza Ovens.

I would love to hear your feedback and questions in the comments section below.

Happy Cooking and Baking!

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