My Review Of The Kettle Pizza Oven Kit

If you are dreaming of having a wood fired pizza oven but the price is a bit too hefty, chances are, that the Kettle Pizza oven kit might be a more affordable alternative to owning a wood-fired pizza oven.

In this post, I will look at the features of the kettle pizza oven and give you tips on how to fire it up to get the best results a.k.a.  mouthwatering delicious pizza.

Do you already own an 18.5″ or up to 22.5″ Kettle or Weber grill? Then all you need is the Kettle Pizza oven kit to transform your BBQ into a pizza oven.

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Features Of The KettlePizza Deluxe USA Pizza Oven Kit

Kettle pizza oven kit 2Kettle pizza oven kit

The Kettle Pizza oven kit transforms your grill into a functional charcoal/wood fired pizza oven. It is suitable for Kettle and other grills from 18.5 ” up to 22.5″.

The oven kit (proudly made in the USA)  is made of 20 gauge, 304 stainless steel, and wood handles.

The stainless sleeve has a high-temperature thermometer attached.

The kit also includes a 14″ pizza pan, a 15″ cordierite pizza stone, and an aluminum pizza peel.

The oven kit requires a basic assembly, but you don’t need any tools. The whole process is straightforward, just follow the instructions.

How Does The Kettle Pizza Deluxe Work

The stainless sleeve sits in between the body of the grill and the lid of the BBQ. The crate goes inside the stainless sleeve and should fit nicely in there. Otherwise, adjust the size of the sleeve.

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So you heat up the BBQ as usual including the pizza stone (besides charcoal you need to use hardwood as well to reach a higher temperature).

The heat goes up to the rear, and the lid radiates the heat to cook the top of the pizza.

The oven kit doesn’t have a door. That way the smoke can escape through the opening in the front.

how the oven kit works

As you can see on the picture, the lid stays on top of the stainless steel to provide constant heat. The pizza can be placed on the pizza stone through the opening with the pizza peel.

How To Heat Up The Kettle Pizza Oven

The Kettle Pizza Oven can reach a temperature as high as 900 F. The ideal temperature to cook the pizza would be at around 750/800 F.

First step: Heat up the charcoal as you would when you get your BBQ ready. Kettle recommends using Kingsford briquettes (in the red-white and blue bag). Once the charcoal is scorching and has got a grayish color around it, it is time to put the Pizza Kettle including the pizza stone on the grill. oat chunks

Second step: Put the lid on and let the pizza stone heat up for around 10 to 15 minutes. Note: to cook the bottom of the pizza properly; the pizza stone needs to be piping hot.

Third step: Take the Kettle Pizza oven off and place chunks of hard wood like oak onto the charcoal. Place the hot charcoal and hardwood in a semicircle to the rear end of the BBQ.

Note: The use of hardwood is essential to reach the desired temperature of around 800 F.

Fourth step: Place the Kettle Pizza including pizza stone back on the BBQ and wait another 15 min or so until the thermometer (attached to the sleeve) shows the temperature you would like to achieve.

Fifth step: Now it is time to put the pizza onto the pizza stone. Sprinkle the pizza stone and pizza peel with a little bit of corn flour to prevent the dough from sticking. Rotate the pizza every 30 seconds so it cooks evenly.


Pros, Cons And My Verdict

Most users of this product are happy with it but with most things, we can see the pros and cons. Let’s have a closer look.

Here Are The Pros

  •  – transforms BBQ into a wood-fired oven
  • – easy to assemble
  • – costs less than a wood-fired oven
  • – transportable
  • – easy to use
  • – heats up very high
  • – cooks yummy pizza with a nice smoky flavor and charred crust
  • – high-quality product

What Are The Cons

  •  – heat may drop quickly
  • – the thermometer may break easily
  • – because the lid is thin material, it doesn’t radiate the heat as much
  • – some customers found the price a bit high.

My Verdict Of The Kettle Pizza Oven Kit

I give the Kettle Pizza oven kit the thumbs up. It is fantastic to transform your BBQ into a wood-fired pizza oven.

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You get more use from your BBQ and you can enjoy delicious tasting pizza at the same time.

The bundle deal with the aluminum pizza pan, pizza peel, and cordierite pizza stone are great value for money.

I do love the fact that you can convert your BBQ grill into a pizza oven in a flash. That makes the use of the grill even more versatile.

Investing in a wood-fired pizza oven is not affordable or viable for everyone. So here is a great way of baking a delicious chargrilled pizza.

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